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Platte Valley Review


Vol. 32 No. 2 Winter 2011-2012



in tribute to the cranes who have flown through her for sixty million years, the storms Nebraska is known for, the cats and dogs I see put out to sit on the porch all night during snows, and the people who have lived or died in Nebraska, those who remained and those who got out.



Senior Editor, A.A. Hedge Coke.

Managing Editor, Travis Hedge Coke.

Art Editor
, Travis Hedge Coke.

Editorial Intern, Laura McAtee, Graduate Assistant. 

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, Travis Hedge Coke, A. A. Hedge Coke.

Original Web Designers
, Travis Hedge Coke & Daniel Rappaport.

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, Carla Frisch.

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, Laura McAtee.

Jurors for the edition submissions included UNK Literary Crane Fellows/Writers LeAnne Howe (UIC), Wang Ping (Macalester College), Sherwin Bitsui, & Biologist/ Translator/ Writer Cristina Eisenberg; UNK Reynolds Reader Writer/Professor Diane Glancy (Macalester College Retired) & Managing Editor of Red Hen Press/Writer Kate Gale; Philosopher/ Professor Anne Calhoun (UNM), South Dakota Poet Laureate David Allen Evans (SDSU Retired), & Backwaters Press Publisher/Writer Greg Kosmicki.



Platte Valley Review is the literary journal of the University of Nebraska at Kearney.