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Timothy Black

Dollar General

When I was five I believed God
looked just like George Washington.
How fucked up is that?
Everyone who can think knows God
really looks like Uncle Ben.  Not Franklin—
the rice guy. I mean, which of them looks
like they really know what’s going on?  Now,
the universe is a really big place. And I know nothing.

But I know a soul will more likely find God
in what grows mushrooms
than on a $1 bill. And I’d rather trust
a halo of hair
than a mouth full of false teeth.

Sure, we know God didn’t lie
when admitted to the whole tree thing—
He must not have wanted Adam to eat those cherries.
And we know Uncle Ben allowed Christ
to multiply the rice. And we know the president
and the head cheese can both buy salvation
for a roll of copper pennies
down at Dollar General.