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Juan Felipe Herrera

Everyday We Get More Illegal

Everyday we get more illegal
Yet the peach tree still rises & falls
With fruit and without
The birds eat it the sparrows fight
Our desert burns with trash & drug trucks en route
It also breathes & sprouts vines & Maguey
Laws pass laws with scientific walls & detention cells
Husband deported with the son
The wife & the daughter who married a citizen
They stay behind broken slashed unpowdered
In the apartment to deal out the day & the puzzles
Another law then another
Mexican Indian spirit exile migration sky
The grass is mowed then blown by a machine
Sidewalks are empty clean & the Red Shouldered Hawk
Peers down from an abandoned wooden dome
In an empty field
It is all in between the light
Everyday this changes a little yesterday homeless
& without papers Alberto left for Denver
A Greyhound bus he said where they don’t check you
Walking working under the silvered darkness
Walking working with our mind our life

-- JFelipe Herrera, for Allison & Alberto & the millions