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Beverly Matherne

                   (With thanks to Scuttlebut Wines, Australia)

This wine was a racy, forward, fruit-driven red,                                   
A welcomed respite after losing our way.
When black current kicked in, it cleared my head.

After we ordered, the waitress brought bread.
This red was supple, smooth, part cabernet,
Racy, forward, fruit-driven, from “a” to zed.

Over the hedge, I noted expansive beachhead.
You said you always preferred chardonnay.
This merlot, black current, cleared my head.

Unhappy thoughts I pushed aside, kept unsaid.
The waitress served basil egg, asparagus, atop elaborate tray.
I sipped the racy, forward, fruit-driven red.

You spied the base of a trellis, noted a new seedbed.
My upward gaze caught orange begonia, lobelia, brilliant day!
What a bouquet!  Black current kicked in, cleared my head.

You kept talking about taking me to bed.
I swooned over lemon ice, longed for the bay.
I sipped the racy, forward, fruit-driven red.
Black current kicked in.  Cleared my head.