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Gina Forberg

                                                    "I consider a song will be as humming-bird
                                  swift, down-light, missile-metal-hard, & strange
                                  as the world of anti-matter."

                                                     John Berryman - Dream Song 103


It was this way with us,
          snatched moments,
                    ruby-throated calls,
round, plump breasts
                     blurred in flight,

dive displays, feathers
          iridescent jewels dancing,
licking translucent air-

blossoms          opening-
          grooved tongues and nectar,
females spinning nests
          splitting eggs
                    suckled mouths of hatchlings.

He migrates, mates
          She stays behind,
                    shelters her young,

listens to their squeaks,
              strangeness of song.