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Juan Felipe Herrera

                      -    for Pablo, Alex & Gabo

Doubled up
in a Costco rain jacket – December
Mexico City freeze in Pablo’s bedroom he’s gone with a fever
couldn’t spot his hospital 1:00 am Alex driving
rapping about Brasil lover X coming back to him maybe
now in the gray torn streets mini-skirt
with boa tranvestites men in taco tarps fishing out
green herbs rice beans flattered in Dalí shrouds
we circle & circle where is Pablo
Pablo working late translating US Mex poets
into Mex-Spanish I am jotting notes
our ride from Jalisco three days ago 150 kms per hr
cartel mansions glaze into the landscape
the frame-against-itself our hands falling rising
we rumble down toll road Guadalajara Internacional
Lit festival teens dressed in primary colors
Warhol Jasper Johns Pollock on their sternum
read ten million books prepa nacional de Jocotepec &

a thousand other prepas transmit the universe
what is it who knows it where is it
ten thousand other blogs in sing-Spanish go into you
it is time for a shower in Pablo’s mini cube water bucket
busted towel outside the buzz pinkish bluish whitish
sky & aluminum roofs ruffled down by bricks
tonight we head to Citlatepetl Casa de Refugio
African Arab exiles get a writing space something
to eat tomorrow night I read from the new book
in Tepito center of the original Mexica metropolis
more tarps late night eateries thin thin veteranos
swing open-air with veteranas in black sugary whirls
under the murals half-red half-orange peoples I read 3 poems
it is all around me & inside me


from Galáctikos – unpub. ms. Juan Felipe Herrera ©