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Jim Reese


There’s a picture saved on our desktop,
Five-year-old Willow, mid-air, in her
If You Think I’m Cute You Should See My Mommy t-shirt,
hurdling the Shark—a battery-operated vacuum that picks up nails, hair,
broken teeth, that sort of thing—and Paige in her diaper
pushing the beast forward, already trying
to trip her sister.

Tonight the girls are hell-bent on annihilation.
Their mother rounds the corner with a wooden spoon
she has just finished licking clean.
Seriously, I’m going to the bar.
I’ve had it with these two.

Willow picks up a present, We wrapped this for you,
then screams, but Paigee thinks it’s hers!
Paige bites her older sister on the ass.
The eradication continues.